Economics, management, finance, marketing, etc. every researcher conducting in such fields can submit their papers on current topics to the conference. At the same time, the following general topic headings for this year's conference are mentioned as the main directions that will guide the researches;

Heydar Aliyev and Azerbaijan Economy

View leadership and managment Heydar Aliyev Aspect

Economic thoughts of Heydar Aliyev

Behavioral economics and economic decision making

Innovation economics and technology development

International trade and globalization

Environment and economics of natural resources

Competitive and  development of market economies

Public economics and public finance

Health economics and health management

Industrial economics and industry policy

Economic aspects of AI

Women entreprenuership and social entreprenuership 

FinTech`s and development of financial systems

Economic development and poverty

Economics of renewable energy 

Green economics and green investments

Labour market and development of human resources

Startup`s and future of startuo ecosystems

Corporate social responsibility and sustainability

Digital economics and digital transformation

SME`s in modern world and development perspectives

Economics of Turkish World countries

Financial management and accounting

E-Commerce and marketing

University and industry cooperation

Economics, technology development and design

Data analytics and econometric analysis

Education economics and education management


Research papers on the above topics can be submitted to the conference in 4 languages ​​(Azerbaijani, English, Turkish and Russian).