Dear Researchers,


The International Center for Graduate Education of Azerbaijan State University of Economics (UNEC) organizing the "International Scientific Conference of Researchers in Economics and Management" to bring together researchers working in the field of both economics and management from all over the world. The main purpose of this conference is to support the development of interdisciplinary research, exchange views and share experiences on current trends in science, improve the accessibility and quality of research, as well as establish a scientific cooperation and create a new international scientific platform. The conference, which is organized annually since 2019 and has a traditional character, is aimed at discussing the current scientific and practical problems in the field of economics and management.


For the first time, the scope of the conference, which was organized only for masters, was expanded in the following years by researchers studying at the doctoral level. Given the large number of applications for participation in the conference from the wider research community in recent years and the interest of researchers from more than 30 countries, we consider the IV Conference in 2022 to become an international platform for anyone conducting a research in the field of economics and management. In addition to the presentation of reports at the conference, trainings and seminars on various academic topics and workshops (with the participation of researchers and professionals from all over the world) will be organized. It is with great pleasure to invite you to participate in our conference as well as to wish each of your great creative success.



Conference Organizing Committee


Publishing Opportunities

A limited number of high-quality English research papers submitted to the conference and selected by the Science Committee will be indexed on the prestigious SCOPUS platform.

High-quality research papers in English, which will be presented at the conference on topics such as green economy, green cities, green finance and green investments, green energy, etc., will be published in a book form by the world-famous SPRINGER publishing house.

Out of all the Reports, which can be submitted in any of the 4 languages, only 50 articles will be selected by the Science Committee and published in an international scientific journal indexed on about 30 academic platforms such as Google-Scholar, Pro-Quest, Index Copernicus International, Cite Factor, Global Impact Factor, CEEOL, etc.

The conference will include the publication of books entitled "The role of investment in the economic development of Karabakh", "Business environment in Karabakh and the development of SMEs" and "Sectorial assessment of the economic potential of Karabakh". The book will include research on these topics submitted to the conference and will meet the quality standards of the Science Committee.

The reports of other participants who presented their reports on the conference days will be published as a conference report book with an international ISBN number. The conference report book will be posted electronically on the official website.



Usefull sessions


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