Nizami Ganjavi and Sustainable Development

4 - 7 JUNE 2021

The following topics can be submitted to the International Postgraduate Scientific Conference on Economics and Management:

  1. Economic ideas in the legacy of Nizami Ganjavi
  2. The fourth industrial revolution
  3. Economic and development potential of Karabakh
  4. Behavioral finance and financial markets
  5. Branding of cities
  6. Green cities and their development
  7. Modern labor market and employment
  8. Covid-19 and economics
  9. Social entrepreneurship and social business
  10. Small and Medium Business Development
  11. Space economy and future prospects
  12. Modern trends in international trade
  13. E-commerce and new sales methods
  14. Digitalization and the digital economy
  15. Modern financial markets and crises
  16. University and industry cooperation
  17. Education management and competitiveness
  18. Data analytics, economic forecasting and econometric analysis
  19. Insurance and modern insurance products
  20. Banking sector and digital banking
  21. Tourism economics and tourism policy
  22. Innovations in business finance and accounting
  23. Corporate social responsibility and business development
  24. Human capital and human resource management in the modern world
  25. Robotics and robot economics
  26. Clustering of business enterprises
  27. Public sector economics and macroeconomic policy